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The Development Tool with Turbo Drive: moodmap® Gets Right to the Core

What is moodmap®?

moodmap® differentiates between three personality components which manifest themselves in varying amounts. The composition of the three "colours" is assessed using a questionnaire, but also intuitively through experience and context.

Three Components

Thinking, feeling and doing are at the core of the three  moodmap® components. Everyone has all three, but in varying amounts.

The Interaction

Many people have one component strongest, one the second strongest, and one the third strongest.

This results in individual dynamics. It also influences the way people interact with one another. With moodmap® you can predict which dynamics cause tension in the "stress mood" and also when relaxed - "flow mood", depending on how these components interact.

Team - Coaching with moodmap®

As a moodmap® navigator you will be able to understand the dynamics of the different components and quickly map out stress reactions and the strengths of your teams.

With the benefit of this knowledge you will be able ask questions from the outset, which will provide "light bulb" moments and open the door to more constructive ways of dealing with tensions.


Who is the Training for?

For Coaches and Trainers

moodmap® Training empowers and enables Coaches and Trainers to support individuals and Teams. 

For Decision Makers 

moodmap® enables managers to assess and support their team members. Tensions can be diffused quickly and employees can fulfil their true potential.

Relationships Can Enrich ...

... or sap energy, moodmap® navigators can help to enhance relationships . With moodmaps you have a tool that allows you "read" relationship patterns. Like night vision goggles, the moodmaps make "humans" visible in all their shapes and contours. You decide on how you implement the results of the moodmap® with your team members.  

Support and Guide your Team

As a moodmap® Team Coach you'll be able to carry out a full team evaluation in steps. Tensions can be explained using the Team Profile and techniques to bring the team closer together can be implemented. You will work with your team to establish a clear way forward and the next steps for further development and progression. You will receive these steps in a clear detailed format to guide you and your team to excellence.


Training - Info


Training - Pricing and Schedule

Training Dates Spring 2023
2 and 16 February Online, 24 - 26 February - in person, 
1 and 9 March Online

Training Dates Late Summer 2023
14 and 23. August Online, 1 - 3 September - in person,
12 und 21 September Online

Training Dates Winter 2023
19 January Online, 24 January Online, 3. - 5. February - in person, 14 February Online, 23. February Online

Training Dates Late Summer 2023
14 August Online, 23 August Online 1-3 September - in person, 12 September Online, 21 September Online

Online Workshops from 18:00 to 20:30Uhr:

Classroom Sessions Fri 14:00 to Sun 15:30, Seminarhotel Yspertal

Cost: € 1.860,- incl. VAT.

Diploma: Certification"moodmap® Navigator"

Training Venue - the Seminar Farm ... 

..the Perfect Imperfect Seminar Venue

In order to be able to learn how to use the moodmap® system intuitively, it's important to be in an environment where authenticity, relaxation and inspiration are provided by the people and surroundings. This is undoubtedly the case in this magical place, thanks to the nature, the farm, the animals and the host Herbert.

Mag. Reingard Winter-Hager

Business Consultant
Sulzbach 14, 3293 Lunz am See
+43 (0) 699 14556488


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