Team Development

The ability to find solutions, the agility to coordinate efficiently, the willingness to compromise and be generous - this is only possible when a team is functioning well. When the team is dysfunctional, we no longer direct our energy towards cooperation, but go into "defense mode". This means we protect ourselves so that no one can do us "harm".  We tend to hide the fact that we are not performing at full capacity and pretend that we are.

Because of this game of deception, science has a hard time measuring efficiency data.  "Fake performance" renders this data highly unreliable and inaccurate. A simple team discussion is no longer sufficient to address this. It takes well designed teambuilding activities and training. 

Don't just tolerate diversity, nurture it!

If the team is in crisis, then it needs "trouble shooting", a method developed by SOULSTEPS. The aim is to gather information and decide on the next steps to deal with and improve the situation. Finally these steps need to be actioned.

But it really doesn't have to come to this.

If a team is successfully "set up", then the performance and quality of life of the team members are aligned. This can happen automatically when everyone feels comfortable and at ease. If this is no the case, then the team requires a specifically tailored team building programme. There is diversity in every team, which on one hand can challenge the individuals, but rather than simply being tolerated it can be leveraged for the benefit of the team.

There are some criteria that team building or team development must meet in order to really move the team forward. should take place in a specific environment and ideally include some outdoor activities.

A Team in Flow ...

...does not just tolerate diversity but nurtures it!

...cultivates exchange, not debates.

...decides consciously and, depending on the circumstances, decisions are taken by the leader or the group.

...addresses essential issues, not pseudo issues.

...has fun! Not all the time, but most of the

...can sometimes cause concern. not always easy to part of, but challenges personal development. great for everyday life and produces improvements that last.

...has a clear purpose and goes for it.

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