moodmap® für Teams

moodmap® for teams

As far, as our experience goes, teams using moodmap® wish to carry on. They soon develop themselves further without needing external support. We only accompany the introduction process of moodmap®. This requires 3 appointments, and some time between the appointments to implement and assimilate the findings.

1st Appointment:

Three basic tendencies of personality
In the first workshop, the team gets to know the basic personality tendencies. An exciting examination of the different values, strengths and stress patterns brings up new perspectives on people who believed to already know each other.

2nd Appointment:

Six combinations
The second workshop is about the dynamics that can arise due to differences. We explore the different combinations between the three basic personality tendencies. Teams begin to experience an impact in their daily work, new strategies for profiting of the differences within the team will be developed.

3rd Appointment:

The "A" Team
In the third workshop, the team designs the optimal version of itself. Dealing with the unpredictable is rehearsed, the new team vision gains adhesion. moodmap® is integrated as an agile tool for daily team life.

Service: three workshops including support during implementation period; application of moodmap® set,  guidance for the own team.

Dates by arrangement
Costs: on € 4.900,-, the size of the team determines the duration of the appointments and thus the exact costs.