Das moodmap® System

Everybody is different

moodmap® is composed of mood and map. The three basic tendencies of human personalities are linked with colours and symbols and visualised in a map. The blue brain stands for an analytical, the yellow heart for an empathic and the red flash for an action-oriented focus. Every personality owns all three tendencies in varying degrees.

The Moodlings

There are six different ways in which the three basic tendencies (brain, heart and flash) are interacting: One tendency is mainly the most developed, another one is the second strongest and the third one the weakest. For each of these six combinations, we have created a so called "Moodling". Each moodling has a specific way of (re)acting. For each of the six moodlings we have created an own map which shows its base.

Maps of personalities

There are six different moodmaps inhabited by the respective moodlings. Each map describes what the moodling who lives there is standing for. It shows the values, needs and strengths of its inhabitant. What circumstances put it under stress and how it reacts in these situations. But we can also see what would be possible in a state of flow.

The moodmap® check

In order to find out which map is ones home-base, it is on the one hand necessary to assess oneself and on the other hand to obtain feedback.

The moodmap® check is an additional tool that will help you to conduct your personal self analysis. Whithin a short period of time you will be able to find your own moodmap® by answering specific questions. You can also work on your development and check your progress after a short time.

Get your own moodmap® now!

The background of moodmap®

The market is full of tools for personality analysis, many of them are of high quality. The tool of our choice is the bioLogic® method.

The developer Alex Richter has succeeded in describing the most important personality aspects with only three personality tendencies. He thus provides a tool that is suitable for everyday use. moodmap® is based on this coherent, scientifically founded concept. We are particularly grateful to Alex Richter for his work!