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moodmap® check
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Leverage your insights positively for yourself and others. 
  • Your moodmap®
  • Detailed written evaluation
  • Coaching questions for self-coaching

Become a moodmap® Coach

moodmap® coaches help to shape relationships. With the moodmaps® you have a tool that allows you to "read" the underlying relationship patterns of your clients. Comparable to a night vision device, the moodmaps® make the human "being" visible in its contours.

Building on the moodmap®, you reveal the details in the encounter. This enables you to competently support your clients in shaping their relationships and their own development. As a life or business coach.

moodmap® for teams

Teams who knows their moodmaps develop a new view of each other and are given tools to deal with each other more efficiently and respectfully.
In this way, they develop themselves further without needing external support.

We accompany the introduction to orientation with moodmap®. This requires three appointments and some time between the appointments to implement and integrate the findings.