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Using differences

Do you know the situation: one person wonders why nothing is moving on, another person why the results are so inaccurate and the third misses the good spirit.

With moodmap® you can quickly recognize such differences within your team and release the tensions associated with them. Individual characteristics are consciously implemented in such a way that they convert into strengths.

Everyone can coach himself

Instead of rigid, dogmatic analyses, you will be using an agile tool with moodmap®. It works like a compass for self-assessment and feedback. The result: you get to know better your own strengths and weaknesses and will gain a clear orientation on how to use them in a target-orientated way.

Modern & intuitive

Perhaps the most important aspect: moodmap® is a concept suitable for everyday use. It is intuitive and practical. Thus, the further development of individuals as well as the group is based on continuous constructive interaction.


moodmap® for teams


moodmap® for teams

As far, as our experience goes, teams using moodmap® wish to carry on. They soon develop themselves further without needing external support. We only accompany the introduction process of moodmap®. This requires 3 appointments, and some time between the appointments to implement and assimilate the findings.


Become a Navigator


Become a moodmap® Navigator!

If you are interested in the topics of human resource development and coaching, you can also complete a training to become a moodmap® Navigator.

You can then accompany your own team or other people and conduct workshops with the moodmap® system.


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