Coaching training with moodmap®

The development tool with turbo drive: moodmap® leads directly to the essence

What is moodmap®?

moodmap® is based on an "analysis tool" (bioLogic®), in which a distinction is made between three personality components. This works digitally, by means of a questionnaire, but also intuitively, with experience and background knowledge.

Three components

Thinking, feeling and acting are the core of the three moodmap® components. Every person has all three combined in him or her, but to different degrees.

The interaction

In most people, one component is the strongest, one is the second strongest and one is the third strongest.

This results in a dynamic within a person, but also between persons. With moodmap® you can assess which dynamic occurs in tension (stress mood) and which in relaxation (flow mood), depending on how the components interact.

Coaching with moodmap®

As a moodmap® navigator, you know the dynamics of the components and can therefore quickly assess the stress reactions and strengths of your clients - whether individuals or groups. With this knowledge, you can ask the right questions from the start that quickly lead to the right "uh-huh moments" and open the door to a more constructive way of dealing with tensions.

Relationships can generate...

...or cost energy. moodmap® coaches help to shape relationships. With moodmaps you have a tool that enables you to "read" underlying relationship patterns. Comparable to a night vision device, the moodmaps® make the human "being" visible in its contours. Building on the moodmap®, you reveal the details in the encounter.

This enables you to support your clients easily and efficiently in shaping their relationships: As a life or business coach.


Become a life coach

As a moodmap® life coach you accompany people in the unfolding of their personal potential and in the achievement of individual development goals.

With moodmap® you can give your clients a clear view of their resources. In this way, life decisions can be made more confidently.


Become a business coach

As a moodmap® business coach you create strength profiles with decision-makers and teams. Based on these profiles, differences between personalities can not only be better "tolerated", but also consciously and purposefully used as a resource. Tensions can be clarified with the help of the team profile and beneficial forms of cooperation can be implemented.

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moodmap® training - for whom?

For coaches and trainers

The moodmap® training entitles and enables coaches and trainers to accompany individuals and teams very efficiently with our agile system!

For decision makers

moodmap® enables managers to assess and accompany their employees. Tensions can thus be eliminated more quickly and the potential of employees can be optimally utilised.

extra-occupational learning



Training - costs and dates

Training dates winter 2023
19. January online, 24. Januar online, 3. - 5. February - presence, 14. February online, 23. February online

Ausbildungstermin late summer 2023
14. August online, 23. August online, 01. -03. September - presence, 12. September online, 21. September online

Online workshops from 18:00 to 20:30Uhr:

Classroom seccions: Friday 14:00 to Sunday 15:30Uhr, Lunz am See

Costs: € 1.860,- inkl. VAT.

Completion: Certificate"moodmap® Navigator"

Our location


moodmap® training - wo?

The perfectly imperfect seminar location.

In order to learn the intuitive application of the moodmap® system it makes a decisive difference that we do not meet in an arbitrary seminar hotel, but in a place where authenticity, relaxation and inspiration are given by nature and people. This is given in any case at the magically beautiful place, through nature, farm, animals and host Herbert.

In wenigen Wochen mit  moodmap® arbeiten