The ability to find solutions, the agility to coordinate efficiently, the willingness to compromise and be generous - we can only do all this when a team is functioning well. When the team is dysfunctional, we no longer direct our energy towards cooperation, but go in "defense mode". This means that we more or less covertly make sure that no one can "harm" us. So we hide the fact that we are not performing at full capacity and pretend that we are performing.

Because of this hiding game, science has a hard time measuring efficiency data here. My guess is that enormous sums are gambled away through "fake performance". A simple team event is not enough in this case. It takes a well designed teambuilding activities and trainings to make your investment worthwile!

Don't just tolerate diversity, leverage it for your team!

If the team is in deep trouble, then it needs "trouble shooting", a method developed by SOULSTEPS, in which the aim is to draw information from the crisis situation, which then indicates the direction for further development that is currently pending. Finally, action steps are taken in this direction.

But it does not have to come to this.

If a team is successfully "set up", then the performance and quality of life of all those involved is achieved. This can happen automatically, perfect because everyone feels good anyway. If this does not happen automatically, then the team needs the right team building. There is diversity in every team that on the one hand can challenge the individuals, but does not just need to be tolerated but leveraged!

There are some criteria that team building or team development must reflect in order to really move the team forward.

...should take place in a deliberately chosen environment and ideally include outdoor opportunities.

A team in flow ...

...does not only tolerate diversity but uses it!

...cultivates exchange, not debates.

...decides consciously and, and depending on the case decisions are taken by the leader or the group. on essential issues, not pseudo issues.

...has fun! Not at all times, but on the whole.

...sometimes makes people concerned. not always comfortable, but challenges personal development. suitable for everyday life and produces improvements that have a lasting effect.

...knows its purpose and pursues it.

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