Leadership development

Lack of leadership competence...

...surfaces exactly when it is too late. Then, when it becomes critical, when we find ourselves under stress and are confronted with unexpected demands. Situations where we can no longer avoid or bury our heads in the sand without destroying everything. Leadership is very personal. Leadership development programmes only work against our natural reaction patterns to stress if they accompany us in group formats and individually.

Leadership according to a recipe?

In our complex, fast-moving times, the desire for competence in leading employees is understandable. The longing for recipes that show the way out of difficult situations and into the much praised and often short-lived "efficiency" is understandable. Under the heading of "leadership development", skills are developed that are supposed to shed new light on the complex issue of cooperation and question traditional hierarchies. The value of these workshops only becomes apparent when everyday life returns. How can the formulated plans be put into practice and translated into action suitable for everyday life? The value of leadership training is determined solely by how well it can be implemented in everyday life.

The manager stands alone

To a certain extent, "recipes" on leadership can help to take a higher position and reassess a stressful situation. However, theoretical concepts will not be able to capture the true jungle of everyday life. The dilemma of leadership training not delivering the results it was supposed to is a concern for those involved and challenges us to think and act in new ways. Thus, clever contents and meaningful impulses can remain without effect and the participating managers are back at the same point of frustration after a year as before.


...designed and geared towards sustainability, leadership programmes provide development spaces for people and systems that affect and include the overall direction of the organisation and the parameters of the individuals at the same time!


...moodmap® for leaders. Train to become a moodmap® coach.

For organisations that want a contemporary development of their employees in our VUCA world, the moodmap® system is THE tool for leadership of different personalities.

Easy to apply in everyday life and understandable for everyone.

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