Reingard Winter-Hager

Reingard carries heaven in her hand and power in her heart. Those who work with her experience a "download" of ideas and solutions that she shakes out of her sleeve with playful self-confidence.

She lives with her husband, children and alpacas on a 400-year-old farm at the end of the Lower Austrian world. With the stringency of a Russian tsarina and the down-to-earth intuition of a farmer's wife, the ethnologist ensures radical further development for her participants!

As a systemic coach, she sees the future of organisations in the shaping of human relationships.

As the Aztecs said, four strong "paws" are needed for the advancement of the soul:

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Body awareness
  • Clear mind
  • Alert intuition

"Teams, departments or entire organisations must also move forward on these "4 paws" to be fit for the future!"