About Us

We are your companions on your journey to become an organisation with soul

From competition to cooperation.
From complaining to can-do attitude.
From "you fool” to "laughing at ourselves”.
From authority to shared responsibility.
From coward, to courage and confidence.

The journey:
systemic, transparent, creative

With our help, you align your organisation towards a common vision and "purpose".

As a result new structures emerge that provide direction, strength and motivation.

The Team

The Story

In December 2013, somewhere in a house in the west of Vienna, a conversation between Reingard Winter-Hager and a therapist from Switzerland took place at aChristmas party in the early hours of the morning. It was about alpacas, about coaching, about human development, and that Reingard was in the process of bringing these topics together at a seminar farm. A Swiss woman told us that she had lived for a long time in Peru, the original home of the alpacas. That's when the conversation really found its inspiration. 

"In Peru they say that the soul moves on four paws: Intellect, intuition, emotion and self awareness." what the Swiss woman told us aligned perfectly with Reingard's holistic approach to supporting teams, leaders and organisations. Shortly afterwards, the project was born: SOULSTEPS.

The Place

where your organisation gets its soul...

SOULSTEPS founder Reingard Winter-Hager weaves alpaca wool from her own herd. The monotonous sound of the spinning wheel calms and relaxes. Next to a management consultant sits a participant in this team retreat. It's hard to believe, but this there conversation about coaching  taking place here.

Afterwards, the participant summarises her experiences at the PERFECT - IMPERFECT SEMINAR LOCATION as follows: "To be honest, I felt quite tense before I came here. My everyday life and a few problems had challenged me lately. And now I'm spending the second of three days here at this wonderful seminar farm location. After one day I felt better than I usually do after ten days of holiday. It's quite different from the usual 4-star hotel, where the atmosphere is often distant, I felt completely at home from the very first moment! The people, the animals and the wonderful location radiate a serenity that makes the team absolutely relaxed. It's the wonderful regional organic food, a coaching discussion with Reingard during yoga or while unwinding with the alpacas. It's this special mixture of security and freedom that gives us a sense of strength during these team sessions.  


The Perfect-Imperfect Seminar Venue


Inspiration and Vision